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Publications 2024
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Congratulations to the DeHeng New York team led by Attorney Chen Xiaomin and the DeHeng Beijing team led by Attorney Chen Xiao for successfully assisting a new energy manufacturing company listed on the STAR Market in China in reaching a settlement in a U.S. lawsuit.


The DeHeng New York and Beijing teams, representing a third-party defendant, are pleased to announce the successful resolution of a product liability case. After eight months of diligent effort, we reached a settlement before the discovery phase, significantly reducing litigation costs for our client, marking an important milestone.



Although the plaintiff's initial demand far exceeded the final settlement amount, our client, as a third-party defendant, ultimately paid only a fraction of the original demand. Despite the plaintiff's persistent demands for a high settlement, which led to stalled negotiations, our team's continuous efforts and expertise resulted in a mutually satisfactory resolution.



From the moment we were retained to the final settlement, the DeHeng New York and Beijing teams demonstrated professionalism. We meticulously handled every detail, from filing responses and managing document requests to handling discovery demands and conducting numerous updates and meetings. This cooperation highlighted the advantages of cross-border legal services, ensuring that every aspect of the case received thorough attention, leading to a successful resolution.



This significant achievement underscores our DeHeng team’s commitment and ability to handle complex cases. The client expressed satisfaction with the settlement outcome and praised the DeHeng New York and Beijing teams for their professionalism and the results achieved. This successful case not only showcases the strengths of the DeHeng China-U.S. legal teams in international legal matters but also provides valuable experience for future cross-border legal cooperation.

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